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Contact our Admissions Team

The first step in your recovery is to contact our admissions team by calling (435) 850 1908 for admissions.

We’re an experienced, educated and most importantly, a kind group of men and women at Warrior Spirit admissions department who are here to help you or your loved one find the right treatment option.


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Take a Confidential Assessment

The admissions team can help with a confidential assessment to determine whether our treatment programs are appropriate for you.

We can answer any questions you may have about our drug and alcohol rehab. If warranted, we can direct you to resources more appropriate for your needs.

Below is the assessment you can download and fill out and send to our confidential Email or to our confidential Fax.


FAX: (435) 850-1909


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Find a Detox Near You

We can also help you in finding a detox that will work for you, here below are a few to get you started on your search.

ACT Detox at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Weber County
VOA Detox for Women in Salt Lake County
VOA Detox for Men in Salt Lake County
New Vision Detox at Jordan Valley Medical Center in Salt Lake
Pavilion Detox at Mountain View Hospital in Utah County


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Come to Warrior Spirit

Our admissions team can handle arrangements for someone coming to the alcohol and drug treatment program at Warrior Spirit, including transportation from the airport.

When on-site, our professional team determines the appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

You can also find information regarding what to bring by looking through What to Bring Guide below.